What is the difference between the patellar tendon and an acl?

Ones a ligament. The acl is an importan ligament (ligaments connect bone to bone), that restrains anterior or forward translation of the tibia. The patellar tendon is a tendon (tendons connect muscle to bone). They serve very different functions. The central third of the patellar tendon is frequently used to reconstruct a torn acl.

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Is the patellar tendon used in reconstructing the acl?

It can be. The traditional gold standard acl reconstruction uses a patella tendon along with some bone on both sides. There are alternatives aug as hamstring tendon and donor cadaver grafts that are now used more commonly. There are studies that claim each is better than another.
Yes. The patellar tendon and hamstring tendons are the most common grafts used to reconstruct the acl; it cannot be repaired once torn. Another option is to use an allograft which means a cadaver tissue graft from a deseased person. These are also often patellar tendon or hamstring grafts. The literature is mixed but in general, using your own tissue is more successfull than using an allograft.

What works best for an ACL repair? Hamstring, patellar tendon or a cadaber

They all work well. The three types of grafts all are acceptable in acl reconstruction. It really depends on what graft your surgeon is most comfortable using. As well as, whether you want to use your own tendons or if you care about a cadaver. Long term results are excellent using auto or allografts.
Iboth. I personally thought there gret value keeping the quad mechanism intact I like hamstrings less knee cap painbuy they botj yeilf excellent results.
Patient selection. You've asked a tough question. Each selection needs to be tailored to an individual patient. We have studies that show excellent results and poor results with each graft. The factors that change the answers are: age (under 14, 15-20, 21-30, >30), activity level (pro, amateur, which sport), length of rehab after surgery before sports (4, 6, 8, 10 months). Pin your surgeon on which is right for you!
All are good. Any of these are good options for acl reconstructions. The patellar tendon and hamstring use your own tissue and therefore they are probably better but there is a chance that there would be a problem at the areas they are taken from (rare). The cadaver is a good option because you don't have to have surgery from somewhere in your body, but the reinjury rate is slightly higher.
Acl graft choice. The hamstring, central one third bone patellar bone and/or cadaver are all excellent choices for a graft for acl reconstruction. I typically will recommend the use of autologous tissue for the younger patient and cadaver tissue for the older athlete.

For what reason is the patellar tendon used in reconstructing the acl?

Convenience. The reasons are: 1) it is similiar in size and length the the native acl, 2) it can be harvested from the same knee without a significant deficit longterm, 3) it is conveniently in the same general area as the acl surgery, 4) it has similar strength properties that can easily be fixed on the bony ends. It doesn't mean that it is the best or only way, it has just always been convenient.
Good graft source. It is readily available and a strong graft. Most surgeons now use hamstrings instead because of lower morbidity at the harvest site.

How long do general knee sprains take to heal? I was told that the nothing isn't torn, it's only stretched. It could be my ACL or my patellar tendon

Usually 6 weeks. Ligament injury is graded by the amount of stretch or tearing and the resulting instability. Treatment varies based on injury from minimal to pt with poss brace to surgery.
Varies greatly. A sprain means a ligament (bone to bone) connector is stretched. There are four. The acl and PCL protect front to back movement of the tibia under the femur. The mcl and lcl protect side to side movement. The patella tendon (actually a ligament) connects the knee cap to the tibia. Protection from continued over stretching, ice, nsaids help but still can take weeks to months to heal in some cases.

Had acl reconstruction on 1/8/2016 using a patellar tendon graft. My question is- Is it normal to lift your leg with tendon when muscles don't work?

No. The answer is "No" because tendons don't contract... meaning they don't move on their own. The muscles contract. To move against gravity, such as lifting a leg, at least one muscle has to move. Otherwise, nothing happens. To move with gravity, such as letting a leg drop down, whatever muscles that were holding the leg up just have to relax or stop contracting... and the leg will drop.

Hi, I had a ACL surgery Patellar tendon (Autograft) on Mar26 which is closely 4months by now. Now I am noticing some swelling on the right knee.

Reevaluation. Swelling can occur especially after a physically taxing day. If it does not improve, recommend notifying your orthopedic surgeon for followup visit. NSAIDs may be taken to help with reducing swelling.

I am 2.5 months out of acl reconstr. (Patellar tendon) and menisectomy. Can I dance at bars/clubs/parties? I did yesterday and knee is sore today

ACL RECOVERY. If you are only 10-weeks post ACL reconstruction, you probably shouldn't be dancing just yet. If you are engaged in physical therapy, you should talk w/both your orthopedist & therapist about returning to activities that will stress your recently repaired knee.

8 months ago I had ACL surgery, I did the patellar tendon way, I went to play soccer today and I felt something weird on the left side of my knee, help?

Patella pain ACL. It is not uncommon to have pain in the front of your knee after knee surgery especially. The muscles around might of become less flexible and the soft tissue hold the patella in place might of become tighter. I would take mild anti-inflammatories, start a good hamstring and quadriceps stretching program. Ice your knee. As well as contact your surgeon to see what else he wants you to do.