How effective is ultrasound rehab on heel pain (plantar fasciitis)?

Mildl to moderately . Might be a good adjunct therapy. Supportive shoe gear and orthotics will provide best long term success. Ice, massage and strtching will also be helpful.
Can be effective . It can be effective depending on the cause of the pain. Have it evaluated by a professional and get the appropriate treatment.
It can be effective. But, i believe there are better treatments. Ultrasound would need to be done three times a week for about 5-15 minutes per session so it is time consuming to run for the therapy that often. Night splints, orthotics and stretching on your own don't require visits.
Not. Plantar fasciitis is a ligament that supports the arch being strained. Ultrasound heats up the area and feels good for awhile but additional support is needed to relieve the strain and let it heal.
Good in conjunction. Good in conjunction with electrical stimulation and most importantly stretching exercises of the achilles tendon which will stabilize the rearfoot & plantar fascia.