How should one select best plastic surgeons for my nose reshaping?

Use referrals. From trusted friends, respected professionals and previous patients. Start with your existing physicians and ask for referrals and then use local hospitals or medical societies as week as national organizations such as the american society of plastic surgeons at plasticsurgery.Org. Verify credentials with state licensing agencies. Arrange a few consultations.
Selecting a surgeon. Find an experienced board certified facial plastic or plastic surgeon who performs rhinoplasty routinely. After your consultation with your surgeon, you should feel comfortable that the surgeon understands your goals and has explained the surgery thoroughly. If not, discuss this with the surgeon or find someone else.
Do homework. Make certain they are certified by the american board of plastic surgery. Ask them how often they do nasal surgeries. Ask to see pictures and to speak to a patient. Look at the computer model of the surgical plan. Make certain you have good communications and trust your instincts. Most patients who have a bad outcome knew the relationship wasn't right but went ahead with surgery.