What are some remedies for arthritis and swelling in the knee for a hemophiliac?

Ice, rest, factors. For a hemophiliac, bleeding into the joints are the usual causes of swelling and subsequent arthritis. So, the first thing should always be to rest, ice and to check the factor levels to make sure that the swelling is not due to bleeding into the joint.
Depends on damage. This can be lack of treating the hemophilia bleeding factors or previous damage form earlier bleeds. It will depend on the inner structure of the knee and what cartilage and bone damage there has been. You will need a program of exercise, to help support your knee. Medication used will depend on how well your clotting factors can be controlled.

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What are remedies for arthritis and swelling in knee for a hemophiliac?

R/o hemarthrosis. On a well known hemophiliac any abnormal joint may have blood ( hemarthrosis) in it so the treatment is to replace the coagulation factor that is deficient (viii or ix or a substitute for this ( the hematologist should be asked). If there is no suspicion for blood then antiinflamatories that has no similar effect to Aspirin ( Acetaminophen c/s Codeine )or topical medications ( capsaicin) are safe. Read more...
Asp/replacement. The damage to the joint is from the blood breakdown process using all the oxygen and neutriants and the articular cartilage starves abd dies. Replacement of you clotting factor and washing out the joint or even just aspiration after clotting times r ok. Be followed closely and keep up on you clotting factor replacements. Read more...