Can a doctor prescribe lortab for severe arthritis in the knees?

Not usually. This is a narcotic which is not typically used to treat arthritis due the habit forming side effects. Anti inflammatory medications are typically used.
Yes. Although for chronic treatment, it's not an ideal therapy and can make things worse. I typically only use it as a last resort and in very select situations.

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Does a dr prescribe lortab for severe arthritis in the knees?

Possibly. Lortab is hydrocodone with acetaminophen(tylenol). It is an narcotic painkiller and it can be used for this purpose if indicated. Usually it is best to try non-narcotic medication first if possible due to the potential for side effects and dependency problems however in the right patient it can be helpful. Read more...
Potentially. Not a gray option for chronic knee pain, but yes a doctor can potential prescribe Kieran for pain from severely arthritic knees. Read more...