What is a t.Surgeon waiting for when he suggests wait and see. Lung nodule 1.4 2.7 suv?

Watching for change. The suv is a measure of how metabolically active the nodule is. While there is some overlap between benign/ malignant nodules, a cutoff of suv 2.5 is used for nodules over 1 cm in size. Based on borderline suv and perhaps the ct appearance of the nodule the tests may not reliably tell if benign or not. Short term follow up can show if it grows. If it does grow, that becomes more worrisome.
Waiting. The surgeon has a more complete understanding with more specific facts. The surgeon and patient should discuss all options and the risks and benefits. It is important that you ask your thoracic surgeon what his/her approach is and what their anticipated next step/s will be.
Low risk. I'm not familiar enough with the suv scale to speak definitively but the surgeon obviously feels you're in a low risk category. It' s common to wait 6 months for low risk patients and 3 months for intermediate risk before repeating a ct scan. Other factors like size, smoking status, age, general health factor in. The alternative, a thoracotomy or even a biopsy, carries risk and is no picnic.