Will the green coffee bean extract kill the effect of birth control pills?

No evidence. Chlorogenic acid is the active polyphenol in green coffee beans. It has no effect on oral contraceptives. Actually the other way round is what usually occurs, the oc prolonging the effect of caffeine.
Do not waste your $. Do not waste your time with "weight loss supplements". Green coffee beans are just the latest in a long line of overhyped fads. If you want to achieve weight loss, reduce your carbs to a bare minimum, drink only water, eat lots of low starch veggies and increase your activity levels.

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I'm taking green coffee bean, vitamin B6 (metabolism), and biotin. Will any of these decrease the effectiveness of my birth control pills?

Based on medical. Literature, your listed meds won't affect bcp. The meds that usually lowers the efficacy of bcp are antibiotics, antifungals, antiviral, meds for seizure & depression. To be safe, space your bcp 10-12 hours from your herbals . Take care! http://www.Medicinenet.Com/oral_contraceptives/page3.Htm. Read more...