Is generic wellubutrin or generic Lexapro (escitalopram) a safer drug to take? Which drug is most likely to make me laugh and feel chippery more? How long should I give the wellebutrin to notice if it's working?

4-6 weeks for effect. Both medications have their own set of risks and benefits. Escitalopram is an ssri, and in very broad terms ssris may be better for most forms of anxiety than a dnri such as bupropion. Both are equally effective in treating clinical depression, which is different than being happy and gregarious. Bupropion can be more activating. Talk with the prescribing physician regarding your concerns.
Bupropion recalled . The fda recalled all bupropion xl two weeks ago because of problems with manufacturing quality. Theoretically they will both help depression, and anxiety (escitalopram more effective for anxiety), but individuals respond differently. See if yourmcurrent regimen helps. If it does, stick with it.