Can a 17 year old have lung cancer I don't smoke but my dad does and I'm around him often my back has been sore lately and I have a cough?

I'm sorry your. Dad smokes. He risks his health mightily, but you are downstream of the side stream smoke, which also risks your health. While there have been a few cases reported under 20 years, they don'ealways smoke. Back pain is more likely related to straining with lifting and exercise. Never smoke. Encourage your dad to quit, check out your back pain if it does not improve soon.
It's possible but... ...At your age it is far more likely that you have viral infection causing backache and cough. Breathing a lot of second hand smoke does increase your risk of contracting viral infections that might cause these sorts of symptoms. The best way to know for sure what's causing the problem is to be evaluated by your doctor.
Unlikely. Very unusual to have lung cancer at this age. You should definitely make sure your dad does not smoke in the house, since passive smoking can increase risk of lung cancer.