My 7 yr/DD has dysthymia, ADHD, & Disruptive Behavior Disorder & throws outrageous tantrums that last 1 to 1 1/2 hrs. How do I handle these rages?

A Complex Problem -

However, my first suggestion would be to seek the consultation of a board certified child psychiatrist. It sounds as if behavioral techniques would be ineffective without concomitant psychopharmacology. Once the tantrums begin to recede, you can add psychotherapeutic interventions in order to help your child learn to cope with his feelings.
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It takes a village

As a developmentl/behavioral pediatrician, I team with child psychiatrists, child ( neuro-) psychologists, behavioral therapists, medical social workers & parent support groups to manage the difficult issues you have described. I agree, we'd probably try a medication like Risperidone+ behavior therapy+respite care+ whatever else we could do for your family. Is there such a team in your area?
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