Is alchohol okay to drink when taking humira (adalimumab) for ra?

Unknown. There are no direct studies to see the effects of alcohol and humira. However, if you are using another dmard such as Methotrexate or Arava (leflunomide) with the humira, then you should not use alcohol with those drugs. Some patients with RA feel that alcohol makes their RA worse.
Depends. Ask your prescribing doctor about your case. In many people, however, it is perfectly ok to drink alcohol while taking humira (adalimumab). If you take Methotrexate or Leflunomide (commonly prescribed with humira (adalimumab)) you will need to limit/stop alcohol. Also, Humira (adalimumab) rarely can cause liver problems. The doctor who prescribes Humira (adalimumab) is going to be the most helpful person in your case.

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My doctor recomended me humira (adalimumab) for RA. What is it and what's its benefits and side effects? Thank u

See details. Humira (adalimumab) is a biologic drug and works as a tnf antagonist. It is very effective in controlling the inflammation of RA and reducing the risk of joint damage. The major risk is infection with other risks including reduced blood counts, liver inflammation, neurologic disorders and lymphoma. All of these are rare and the benefits are far greater than the risks.
Anti-TNF biologic. Humira (adalimumab) is one of five drugs that block a pro-inflammatory protein called tnf that are elevated in diseases like ra, psoriatic arthritis, and spondylitis. Anti-tnf agents are very effective. They are often given with methotrexate. Humira (adalimumab) has a variety of possible side effects but most patients do extremely well. Serious side effects are uncommon.

Had an RA flail up. My Humira expired May 2016 any danger taking it or is it just not as effective?

Not a good idea. Expired medications, especially biologics, could both be less effective and unsafe. If the protein of the Humira has broken down, it might create antigens that could stimulate your immune system inappropriately. Non-expired Humira would avoid these potential issues.

Does RA factor play into how long it will take Humira (adalimumab) to work? My RA factor is 600. And I just had my 2nd dose. Hoping it kicks in soon.

Depends. RF is a good indicator as far as severity of the disease but it does not specifically effect the humira (adalimumab). It is a marker that will likely be followed after Humira (adalimumab) is started and the decrease of it can certainly parallel with improved symptoms.
No. We don't have a good way yet to identify who will respond. You have sero-positive RA. Your chances o fresponding are still very good - so stick with it and discuss this with your rheumatologist.

Have ra. Intense itching. No change in meds, diet, lotions, etc. Could it be the humira (adalimumab)? On it for 3 months.

Ask. If the itching started after you started the drug could be the issue. Check with your doc to rule out other possibilities.
Possible. Intense itching may potentially be the beginning of a drug reaction or allergy. Notify your physician immediately.
Yes. It is possible to have a reaction to any medication while less likely with humors than many other drugs since it I has no foreign protein in it it is possible.