Our 14 month old has yeast infection. We are using lotrimin (clotrimazole) and triple paste and changing diaper frequently. The back iscleared now. Any other tips?

Yeast infection. It's possible that the yeast infection is also present in the mouth. Not treating it will cause recurrent yeast infection i n the diaper area. Wash your toddler's hands frequently after crawling on the floor. Make sure nobody's fingers are inserted to his mouth. Wash/sterilize binkies/pacifiers daily (including bottle nipples).
See Pediatrician. Needs to be evaluated to make sure there is no secondary bacterial infection. Also topical treatments usually require diligent use of the medication for weeks and tushy cream of choise with every diaper change. But the fungus may also have a resistance to that medication and your md can prescribe a stronger form or possibly an oral version. Skin irritation from moister/ph. Might try new diaper.
Diaper rash treatmen. Wash your baby with soap and water after each diaper change and make sure she is meticulously dry by using a hair dryer. Leave her diaper open to the air and if you have a goose necked lamp bring it down close to her bottom and leave it for about 20 minutes out of every hour.