What drugs can I take to help with my raynaud's phenomenon?

Raynaud's help. As mentioned, the mainstay of treatment is to avoid doing things that make your vasoconstriction worse. So, avoid caffeine, nicotine, cold and stress. Also avoid otc cold meds, beta blockers for high blood pressure and certain birth control pills. If medication is needed, calcium channel blockers, Alpha blockers, and vasodilators like Nitroglycerin and several other drugs.
Vasodilators. Other than treating the underlying condition (s) causing raynaud's symptoms, avoiding emotional stress, keeping warm, not smoking, and avoiding caffeine, some medications can help. Nifedipine, diltiazem, losartan, and prazosin have been used in patients with raynaud's phenomenon, to block vasospasm and/or relax vessels so they can dilate to let more blood flow through them.
Calcium channel. Most patients do not need pharmacological treatment of raynauds. Simple measures to avoid cold exposure, and limit substances known to exacerbate vasospasm like nicotine and caffeine may be all thats needed. In extreme cases, calcium channel blockers may be somewhat effective in improving (but usually not eliminating) symptoms.

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Raynaud phenomenon syndrome question. Is it really that or poor circulation?

See below. Raynaud's phenomenon describes a set of color changes in response to cold or stress. These are usually preventable and treatable. Poor circulation does not have those changes.
Color and location. Raynauds causes fingers to turn either white, blue and/or red usually in the cold. Poor circulation is different because it can affect palms and usually the border of the color change is a smooth transition. Raynauds usually has a distinct line between normal and blue /white.