My belly button is itchy red crusty smelly and bleeding?

Infection. May be bacterial or fungal. Clean it well with a q-tip and peroxide. Apply a coat of neosporin triple antibiotic and cover with a porous bandage. Change the bandage every 12 hours until it starts to look better. If it doesn't look less red or angry in 24-36 hours have a physician evaluate. If the redness is spreading around in the skin of the belly seek prompt treatment.

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I have itchy red marks on my legs, hands, and belly (generally around my belly button). They itch until I start bleeding. No one seems 2no what it is.

Itchy skin. It is not clear who "they" are. You need to be seen by a Dermatologist for this skin condition. They often can diagnose the problem just by talking about your history and looking at and feeling the bumps. Or send us a picture and provide list of all meds u take by Rx or OTC.! Read more...