What are the possible diagnosis's associated with a positive antinuclear antibodies test result?

Numerous. Thyroid disease, chronic infections including tb/viral hepatitis, subacute bacterial endocarditis, malignancies, any of the auto-immune or connective tissue disease, multiple sclerosis and patients with silicone breast implants.
Nonspecific. ANA is a very non-specific test. It can be positive in up to 15% of the normal population. It can also be positive in a variety of autoimmune diseases. It is best to have additional evaluation and testing through your pcp or rheumatologist.

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What diseases can I have after a positive antinuclear antibodies test result?

Any one. Depending on the concentration/titer of the antibody, it may be a false positive if it is low titer; if the titer is high it may portend an auto-immune disease like lupus or arthritis. However the person with ANA is still susceptible to all other diseases that affect other people with similar genetic background and environment. Read more...