I had an endo & colonoscopy. The nurse called last wk & adv that the results showed the polyp removed was precancerous but benign;what does this mean?

Adenomatous polyp. You most likely had an adenomatous polyp. These polyps are the most common type of polyp we find in the colon, occurring in roughly 20-30% of patients. Over a long time (10 years), these polyps can possibly turn into cancer, so we call them "pre-cancerous". However we also often call them "benign" as they are 1) very common 2) we remove them, and 3) technically they are not cancer yet.
Adenoma . Adenomas are precancerous polyps that grow in the colon. These polyps do not contain cancer. However, if not removed, they have the potential to become cancerous down the road.
You're ok. The nurse was likely referring to an adenomatous polyp, a common type of colon polyp that, if it had not been removed, could have turned into cancer some day. The polyp has presumably been removed and is no longer a danger to you. However, you (and any mother, father, brother, sister, son or daughter) are at elevated risk to form more polyps and will need to have more closer follow up exams.