Can I still work with lupus and raynaud's phenomenon?

If symptoms are mild. Lupus patients with their disease in remission or well controlled can work, but lupus patients with active disease will be having many symptoms that make it too difficult to work. Lupus patients with raynaud's phenomenon would not be able to work in jobs with cold temperatures (such as ice cream sales) or vibrations (such as hammer-drilling) if those activities trigger vasospasm.
Yes. Not in the frozen food section lupus s likely the more limiting.

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Raynaud phenomenon syndrome question. Is it really that or poor circulation?

See below. Raynaud's phenomenon describes a set of color changes in response to cold or stress. These are usually preventable and treatable. Poor circulation does not have those changes.
Color and location. Raynauds causes fingers to turn either white, blue and/or red usually in the cold. Poor circulation is different because it can affect palms and usually the border of the color change is a smooth transition. Raynauds usually has a distinct line between normal and blue /white.

Diagnosed w/Dermatomyositis last year, then Tumid Lupus and Raynaud's. Was just diagnosed w/Dysphagia. How does that change the general prognosis?

See details. I am not certain it does change anything as you give no specifics about The severity of the dysphagia, current and past treatments and muscle enzyme levels. With your other manifestations are you certain you do not have mixed connective tissue disorder?

I have lupus and raynaud's and livedo reticularis. Could my poor circulation be causing my dizzy spells and brain fog? My cardiac workup was normal.

Maybe. Unusual for someone your age to have poor circulation. However with inflammatory conditions circulation can be limited. If you have documented blockage in the right vessels then those symptoms can develop.

I have lupus and raynauds syndrome and I wake up in pain?

Need rheum follow up. Depending on where your pain is, you should probably go see your rheumatologist. It may be an indication that your lupus and raynaud's are not as well controlled as they could be.

I have lupus and raynauds are there any good home remedies?

Several. Get adequate rest, use sunscreen and protection from the sun, get regular exercise, don't smoke and eat fruits, vegetables and whole grains.