What are the treatment options for raynaud's?

Avoid cold; try meds. Other than treating the underlying condition(s) causing raynaud's symptoms, avoiding emotional stress, keeping warm, not smoking, and avoiding caffeine, some medications can help. Nifedipine, diltiazem, losartan, and prazosin have been used in patients with raynaud's phenomenon, to block vasospasm and/or relax vessels so they can dilate to let more blood flow through them.
Keep warm. Doctor to prescribe vasodilators, keep hands and feet warm when going out in cold, or move to a warmer climate. However, first one should have doctor do complete physical examination and do blood work to find a cause for the symptoms.

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Help doctors! What're the treatment options for raynaud's?

See details. . The basic treatment is to minimize cold exposure. The front line medical therapy is calcium channel blockers, especially nifedipine. If these fail erectile dysfunction meds such as a form of viagra (sildenafil) can be very effective. For severe cases other options are available. Read more...