I have raynaud's syndrome. How can I keep my hands and feet warm?

Always plan ahead. Cold temperatures are a main cause of raynaud's phenomenon, so cold weather can trigger symptoms. If a person has only mild symptoms, he can keep his hands, feet, face, and ears warm with well-insulated clothing. The newest gadgets (such as heated gloves and heated socks) from winter sports stores may help. Using portable heaters, pre-warming the car, keeping dry, etc..., are helpful ideas.
Move south. Really, some folks do that. Mittens, warmers, good socks and boots like going skiing!, .

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How can I make my hands and feet more cosmetically pleasing with raynauds syndrome?

Depends on cause. We use variety of therapies that cause dilation of blood vessels - Nitroglycerin ointment in the finger webspace, calcium channel blockers like procardia, erectile dysfunction drugs like viagra, (sildenafil) cilia. Dress warmly, wear gloves, clarify the reason why you have rayanuds. Read more...

Hand and feet always cold, do I have raynaud syndrome?

Cold not = to blue. Raynaud's is characterized by color changes due to spasm of the blood vessels. Blanching is usually the first change, followed by cyanosis (blue), and then red when the spasm relaxes, and then back to normal skin color. Not everyone with raynauds has all three color changes. If your hands are not turning blue, i think it is very unlikely that you have raynauds. Read more...

Does raynaud's also involve heat and redness in addition to cold and purplish hands/feet? I have heat and cold alternating in my hands/feet

Three color phases. Raynaud syndrome or phenomena often involve three color phase change with blue/purple, red, or white. You are not necessary to have all three. But need to have at least two out of three. Pattern of involvement, unilateral vs bilateral. Overall I will suggest to take a picture or go in when you have flare and discuss with your rheumatologist for diagnosis and management plan. . Read more...