Can hypothyroidism/raynaud's make you get drunk faster?

Probably not. Hypothyroidism or raynaud's disease are not known to increase the absorption of alcohol from the stomach, so should not make a person get drunk faster. However, if a person feels cold or has cold hands, he may drink more or drink faster, because he wants the alcohol to warm up his hands. Alcohol is a vasodilator, but extra blood flowing to the skin and hands will lower one's core body temperature!
ETOH & Rheum Disease. Hypothyroidism, yes, for sure. Raynaud's possibly. Any autoimmune condition causes some debilitation that makes intoxication more intense. Chronic illness often makes people more vulnerable to toxic, sedative effects.Hypothyroidism also slows the metabolism and can lead to depression & cognitive impairment. Those scenarios make pts. More likely to feel etoh's effects faster & with less imbibed.

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If I already have hypothyroidism, addison's disease, raynaud's disease and vitiligo is it likely that I will get diabetes also?

Yes. While it is not likely that you will get diabetes, you do have a higher chance of getting diabetes. There is a condition called "polyglandular syndrome" which include: hashimoto's thyroid disease (hypothyroidism), addison's disease and type 1 diabetes. You already have hypothyroidism and addison's disease, so you should be followed closely for the development of diabetes. Read more...
Not necessarily. Not necessarily. Getting diabetes depends on many things including family history, eating habits, and toxic load. Consider finding a good integrative medicine physician to help you out. Read more...