Is raynaud's disease pretty rare?

No, not rare. Raynaud's disease (no cause found) and raynaud's syndrome (caused by another medical condition) are not that rare. An estimated 3% to 5% of the population have raynaud's phenomenon, although symptoms can range from quite mild all the way to severe.
No. It's actually quite common but many times is not bad enough to cause people to seek medical attention so they may not know they have it.

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Advice for raynauds disease? Glover?

Gloves and. .. Gloves and heavy socks are excellent ideas but also keep your torso warm by dressing in layers. There are drugs and medical procedures that can be used to treat raynaud's, but before those are used, do the above clothing suggestions, reduce your caffeine intake and above all, do not smoke.
Gloves and. Meds! Wearing gloves is essential in cold weather! An electric pocket warmer is useful! I favor the calcium channel blockers for use, but in lower doses, than treating bp! These drugs dilate arteries and prevent vasospasm with cold or anxiety quit well. I use Diltiazem the most in sustained release dosing only 1 x per/day.

What are symptoms of raynauds disease?

Vasoapastic response. Raynaud's phenomenon is an exaggerated vasoapastic response to cold weather and stress. The blood vessels of the extremity normally dilate and constrict with temperature changes. This occurs to an extreme degree in patients with raynauds. They will experience blue or white fingers or toes when exposed to cold temperature or stress. This is self-limiting and rarely causes significant problems.
Raynaud's. cold sensitivity of the digits of the hands and feet secondary to cold exposure, trauma, or stress. Very often the digits will have color changes, white, blue with exposure, and then red when reentry into a warm area.

How do you deal with raynauds disease?

Keep warm and Ca++. Calcium channel blockers are the most common medication that physicians use to treat the symptoms of raynauds. The main drawback is the side effects from these medicines. Keeping your hands and feet warm remains the best treatment.

Does anyone here treat raynauds disease?

Yes. First, contact your physician in order to evaluate underlying causes vs. Primary raynauds. Many of the agents used are related to the underlying diseases. With that said, the kinds of agents used are calcium channel blockers, topical nitrates, and local heat (battery powered heating gloves/socks.).

What is raynauds disease and how does someone get it?

Color changes. If 2 (of white, blue or red) occur on emotional distress or exposure to cold. Sometimes related to an underlying disease such as lupus but raynauds is extremely common - perhaps 7% of women.