What's the highest dose of baclofen that can be taken. I take 100 mg a day now for spasticity.?

Recommended dosages. The package insert says the max daily dosage is 80mg. I have had patients take as much as 120mg per day. That is not the norm. Dosages above 80mg per day frequently cause more side effects (drowsiness, dizziness, mausea, confusion) than benefit. You and your doctor are the best judge on the optimal dose, but i suspect you are reaching the limit of what will work without adverse events.
Up to 150mg seen. The manufacturer's recommended maximum daily dose for Baclofen oral dose is 80mg. How long have you been on the 100mg dose? It could take ~ 1-2 months of treatment to see full benefit in some patients. However doses up to 150 mg daily has been used with successful outcomes. Please discuss any treatment adjustment with your physician. Do not change or abruptly stop therapy on your own. Take care.