I hvae to have hernia surgery on10/31. I think I have an abcesed tooth. I have antibiotics for it. Is it ok to take them?

Root canal. I would have the tooth treated before your surgery. Sounds like it may need a root canal. At least have the procedure started before the surgery you don't want to have the infection compromise you healing from the surgery.
Check with Surgeon. Having an active abscess can sometimes mean your surgery will be cancelled. Call your surgeon's office right away. Also make a dental appointment asap. There is a strong possibility that you can have the abscess treated by your dentist and then still have your hernia surgery.
Yes. I hope all went well for you. Generally speaking, i would recommend delaying any elective surgery if there are other problems that you require active therapy. Especially if this involves infection. Most hernia operations are performed with a synthetic mesh inserted. The big concern with mesh placement is the risk of infection.