Low back pain stomach pressure and pressure urinating, I have blood in urine and my 2nd bout of diverticulitis in 2 mos, CT proven, why urine blood?

Diverticulitis . Diverticulitis can cause a perforation into the bladder which may explain the bleeding. Sometimes colon cancer can book like diverticulitis and also go into the bladder causing blood in the urine. Would recommend seeing your physician for further evaluation. If you've not had one already you'll probably need a colonoscopy and likely a cystoscopy.
Time to. See a urologist. Can be involvement of the ureter by the diverticulitis. Must evaluate for other causes.

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Having low back pain on one side, went to dr, urine test + for blood & high protein levels, CT scan for stones neg. Father died at 46 of renal ca.

See details. The ct scan would have shown evidence of a renal cell carcinoma so that is ruled out. The high protein is indicative of significant kidney inflammation. I would suggest seeing a nephrologist (kidney specialist) for an opinion. Read more...