Will smoking weed affect raynaud's disease?

Never heard of this . There is a reason for thc to be illegal. Thc causes chronic amotivational syndrome, depression, psychosis, paranoia, anxiety, weight gain, hypertension and decreased testis size. It takes any motivation out of you. Worse it is the gateway drug that will push you into morphine heroin etc. Thc clinics are good for terminal aids and cancer cases. Is raynaud's one of them? Of course not.
Interesting question. Smoking (inhaling smoke, which is full of lung irritants and cancer-causing chemicals) of any kind is unhealthy. However, marijuana has a vasodilating effect, so it may increase blood flow through vessels and improve the symptoms of raynaud's. Hopefully, some research is being done to see if such vasodilation actually happens in real-life raynaud's patients.

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