What exactly is raynaud's syndrome?

Vessels constrict. Raynaud's phenomenon is a symptom caused by constriction of small blood vessels, usually in the fingers and toes, leading to a lack of nutrients and oxygen going to the fingers and toes. Raynaud's phenomenon can be due to auto-immune disorders, hormonal imbalances, medication effects, etc... A primary care doctor, endocrinologist, or rheumatologist can evaluate a person with such symptoms.
Painful extremities. In people with this syndrome exposed to the cold their toes and/or fingers will get painful and very pale. This is due to vasoconstriction of the small arterioles supplying blood into the fingers and toes which are overreacting to the cold by severely constricting, reducing blood flow. It usually resolves immediately with rewarding. It can indicate a systemic disease or be an isolated finding.

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Are there any links between rheumatoid arthritis, raynaud's syndrome and fibromyalgia? If so what and how?

Yes. Raynauds can be seen associated with rheumatoid arthritis or may be part of a syndrome of overlap or mixed connective tissue disease. It is important to see your rheumatologist for full evaluation fibromyalgia may also be seen secondary to rheumatoid arthritis due to the pain of the ra. Read more...