I'm starting remicade (infliximab) infusions for psoriasis, how will I feel after it?

Fine. A very high percentage of patients I treat with Remicade do fine during the infusions and after. If we do get complaints from patients the day after a Remicade infusion they include headache usually controlled with tylenol (acetaminophen), (acetaminophen) fatigue which may last a day or two. Rarely fever may occur again treated with tylenol (acetaminophen). Everyone is different so if something does not feel right, talk with the medical office.
Side effects? If you are enquiring about adverse reactions, you should have received a pamphlet or brochure from your dermatologist. Read it carefully.

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If I'm currently on the biologic Remicade (infliximab) and still not completely clear of my psoriasis should I ask for a increase in dose? I'm on 800mg every 5wks

Yes. Higher doses. Certainly may be required. They do have room for higher dosing under close supervision by your physician.
Check with rheumatol. You should check with your rheumatologist regarding the increase in the dose or adding another agent for complete resolution of your Psoriasis.

I am suffering from colitis and psoriasis. What treatment should I follow. What about remicade (infliximab).Is there any permanent cure to this. My son will also have?

For psoriasis, Mutations in any of ~ 14 known genes confer susceptibility, with symptoms triggered by environmental factors, like streptococcal infections & stress. If you'e the only affected family member, your son's estimated risk is ~8-23%. If you're the only one with uc, his risk is ~ 15 x higher than the general population's. Genetic mutations in many different areas have been found in uc.

Psoriasis+psor. Arthritis. Methotrexate 15mg for 2 mos. Already+humira weekly. Dr say stelera no good for arthr...Says remicade (infliximab) or enbrel maybe. Ok?

Nod to others: Humira is a tnfa antibody, and is similar to envbrel. Remicade (infliximab) is an antibody to the tnfa receptor, so it works differently. But I would have tried you on leflunomide, and oral drug, before starting biologics.