Is it safe to drink hot water while pregnant?

Yes. No one, especially pregnant women and children, should drink hot water from the tap or lead pipes. Beside that, in general, guidelines would be similar for someone who is not pregnant. Obviously water should be cool enough that the lining of the mouth is not harmed. The herbs, plants, flavors added to the water should not be toxic. Common sense must be used to avoid spilling and scalding.
Yes. The temperature of the water you drink (cold, cool or warm) will not harm you or the baby. Hot water may scald or burn you--so be careful! if you were to swallow hot water ( for example, from coffee or tea) that is not too hot to hurt you, it will not harm your baby.
Yes. Hot water, such as in tea or soup is ok as long as you don't burn yourself. You can also eat spicy foods, although a lot of pregnant woman will notice that they get heartburn more easily as the pregnancy progresses.
Yes. Drinking hot water is only a problem if it is so hot it burns your mouth. As dr. Yoder points out, it's not a good idea to drink hot water from the tap, because hot water heaters can introduce a variety of minerals and potentially toxic substances.