I have facial discomfort that switches sides at times. I also feel pinches around my eyes and forehead and there is eye disorientation. I have sinus and tmj. Any connection?

Maybe. All these symptoms are consistent with with sinus, allergy and tmj. I would try an otc decongestant and see if that helps; if it does not please see your ENT for a better solution and resolution of the problem. For the TMJ use your night guard and if you do not have one see your dentist to have one made. Let us know how it turns out.
Facial discomfort. If you are known to have sinus problems and TMJ problems, i would think it's not unusual to have your other symptoms, such as facial discomfort that moves from side to side. Not sure about the pinches around the eyes and forehead, or the eye disorientation, but they may also be due to your known sinus and TMJ problems.
Trigeminal Neuralgia. Your symptoms may be a neurological ailment called trigeminal neuralgia. Not a very well understood problem and should see your doctor, who may then possibly refer to a neurologist.