What causes burning in throat but no sore throats and burning in nose.?

Several disorders. Without more details, including how long you have suffered this symptom i would have a tough time giving you a specific answer. Breathing thorough the mouth (because of nasal congestion) and reflux of stomach acid are common causes. Assuming that you have been bothered for a while, other causes need to be considered.

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Congested nose, sore throat with burning sensation. Been having it for about 2 days now. When will it subside? What can I do at home to help?

you have a cold. The zinc in coldeze may shorten the duration of a cold by a day or so. Symptomatic treatment will make you feel better. Throat lozenges for sore throat, pseudephedrine for nasal congestion, Robitussin-DM for cough and tylenol (acetaminophen) for pain and discomfort when needed are what i recommend. There is no curative medical treatment but wait 7 days and it will be gone. Read more...

Woke with sore throat it persisted all day with runny nose now it's night throat still sore nose burning runny and stuffy same time with ears itching?

Doctor can evaluate. A primary care doctor can evaluate to see if there is a cold (viral infection), a strep throat (bacterial and would need antibiotics), a sinus infection, allergies in the nose and sinuses, mucus or wheezing in the lungs (might need some asthma treatment), sinus symptoms related to other causes, etc... Since one can have one or more of these issues at the same time, a doctor's visit is recommended. Read more...