Can I have lasik if I have Marfan's syndrome?

Not usually. Marfan's snydrome affects the collagen in the body. In addition to risk of lens problems, the cornea (which is made mostly of collagen) can remain unstable throughout life. This can cause prescription changes after lasik, as well as other corneal problems. It is not recommended to have laser vision correction in patients with marfan's.
Not recommended. Marfan's syndrome can affect the support structure of the lens and the corneal stability. Sometimes the lens may fall back in the eye requiring cataract surgery and lasik can make this more difficult. Generally we recommend lasik only on healthy eyes with a long-term stable outlook.
Wait. Marfan syndrome causes problems with collagen throughout the body. LASIK is done on the cornea which is stabilized by types of collagen. A procedure called Corneal Collagen Crosslinking (CCX) is being done to strengthen the cornea in pre and post LASIK and PRK eyes for conditions such as corneal ectasia and early keratoconus. Marfan syndrome may soon be an area of research for CCX.
Maybe. Lasik can be performed in patients with marfan's syndrome if the ocular exam is completely normal and thd prescription is stable.
Unlikely. Marfan' s can cause several eye problems that may be aggravated by lasik. An internal lens problem is more common in marfan's and can be a cause of decreased vision that lasik will not correct.

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How to know if I have the prk surgery procedure over lasik if I have Marfan syndrome?

Depends on exam. Marfan's syndrome is a connective tissue disorder which may be associated with eye diseases. Depending on a full eye exam, it may be determined if the cornea is thin or the laser correction too large to have lasik. If that is the case, prk could be considered. Read more...