Is it safe to take folic acid continuously in pregnancy?

Yes. Folic acid is important for the development of the baby's spine which is done by 10 weeks. But you can take your Folic Acid throughout the entire pregnancy.
Yes. Prenatal vitamins have 0.4 mg Folic Acid in them which women take throughout pregnancy. Additionally Folic Acid is water soluble, therefore what is not needed is cleared from your body in the urine.

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Is amoxapen safe at pregnancy? If I am taking iron and folic acid is ok to take amoxapen I am 6 months pregnant

No human data. If you are referring to the anti-depressant "amoxapine", then there is no human data. However, experimental animal studies did not show an increase in congenital anomalies. We always weigh risks and benefits when prescribing medications. For instance, if you become so depressed that you cannot take care of yourself during pregnancy, then the benefit of the medication definitely outweigh the risks. Read more...