I was in a car accident 5 years ago and suffered massive head trauma. The doctors said I was fine but I have been recently waking up with a headache.?

See your Dr. If you are having headaches starting in the morning or waking you up, you need to be evaluated soon. Your head trauma may or may not be related, but new onset headaches which are persistent need evaluation soon. Do not wait. See yor family dr. For evaluation to rule out some change in your brain or blood vessels causing your headaches.
Trauma & Headache. Normally headaches related to trauma occur fairly soon after the injury. There are exceptions where they occur a few days or weeks later. After 5 years, you should be free of any risks of this headache being related to the accident. Waking up with a headache normally is related to sleep apnea (headaches in the forehead), migraines (usually on one side), or a daily headache.
? related. If the headaches were gone for 5 years and now returning, it could be an exacerbation of the previous injury, especially if current headaches are similar to the previous. An unrelated reason is certainly possible as headaches have many causes. Since there is a history of a remote "massive head trauma", a visit to the doctor is advised.