Are cramps and more pain typically associated with marfan's syndrome?

Aches here and there. Marfan syndrome patients can get aches and pains in many joints because of the looser ligaments trying to hold the joints together at rest and under physical stress.
Yes. Marfan syndrome is a disorder of the connective tissue and can cause joint, muscle, back and overall pain. Bone and chest pain is common as is pain at the insertion of the muscles to bone. Back pain is common as is abdominal pain. for a detailed description.

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Are there any personality traits typically associated with with Marfan syndrome?

Maybe some traits. Feeling not normal, feeling left out, lower self-esteem, sadness from having a chronic illness, etc... Can affect the personality of someone suffering from marfan syndrome, a lifelong condition with no cure. Read more...
Not that i kno of. Tall, that's why tall girls who may get scholarship 2 play buckets R tested 4 Marfans. There R many complications if U have Marfans, & play sports. From heart 2 eyes & more. Read more...