My ultrasound showed a cyst on my right ovary but also said my uterus was heterogeneous. What does that mean and what causes it, if anything?

Not unusual. "heterogeneous" just means that the uterine wall has some areas that look different from other areas on imaging (as opposed to "homogeneous, " which means that the whole uterus looks the same across the board). Sometimes it means that a woman has fibroids or adenomyosis, but it is usually not concerning. Your doc can tell you how that finding applies to you.

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An ultrasound of my uterus showed my uterus is large10.8x4.2x5.5 and endometrial lining was 9.0 mm and a simple cyst in my right ovary is this normal?

Most likely. The of the uterus is influenced by many factors which include children. Fibroids also can enlarge the uterus. The 9 mm thickness is still within a normal range assume of course you still get your period and where you are in the cycle. Ovarian cysts are very common. Read more...

Last weeks ultrasounds showed left ovarian cyst and fluid in uterus. No right ovary was visualized and I don't think it was the 2 times prior in 2013. Should I be concerned?

Ultrasounds. Ovaries can be difficult to identify if there is a good amount of inflammation in the area, gas, fluid, etc. They tend to blend in to their surroundings, unless you have a really good ultrasound machine. Next time you go in, ask the tech to identify the ovary for you, and you'll see what I mean; in some cases it is very subtle. I would discuss with your doctor. Good luck! Read more...