Can people with Marfan syndrome live long lives?

Varies by severity. People with mild Marfan syndrome symptoms probably live a pretty normal lifespan. Those with severe symptoms can die from heart valve problems, rupture of the aorta, tension pneumothorax, etc..., before they reach old age. Of course, those with moderate symptoms will have a lifespan in between.
Yes, depends. The longevity of someone with Marfan depends on the severity of disease. They can live long if there is no significant heart or other marfan-related conditions.

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How will having Marfan syndrome affect my long-term health?

Cardiovascular. Heart & blood vessel problems are most likely to impact your health. Also detached retina, collapsed lung, learning disabilities. See pubmed article on marfan's : www. Ncbi. Nih. Gov/pubmedhealth/pmh1455/#adam_000418.Disease. Signs. Or www. Marfan. Org.

I am a 17 year old female who is 6 feet 2 inches. I have very long fingers and toes an long, thin arms. Do I have Marfan syndrome? I am worried!

Don't worry, see. Your doctor. Since you have physical therapy for some reason, tell your doctor your medical & family history & have a physical exam. If your doctor thinks it's possible, (s)he'll refer you to a cardiologist to know if you need any medications & to a geneticist. It's difficult & expensive to test for all types of marfan's & other connective tissue disorders because there are so many of them.
Probably not. Many people have long fingers, toes and arms but don't have marfan's syndrome. I trip to your primary care physician is in order to address your concerns and screen you for marfan's.
See below. Do you have other physical characteristics such as scoliosis, chest deformity, lens dislocation, hyperflexible joint, etc. If you do so, check with your doctor.
See cardiologis. Certain clinical features r required for the diag. Of Marfan syndrome. Being thin, tall with long fingers, toes and extremities is not enough for the diagnosis but may be an indication for referral to a pediatric cardiologist, pediatric ophthalmologist and geneticist for a much broader evaluation to rule out other abnormalities in the heart, eye and skeletal system and skin consistent w marfan.

I'm f, 5'6 (tall), thin, long arms&legs, hands r big w/long fingers &are flexible, but my body is not flexible, narrow face&jaw, do I have Marfan syndrome?

Can be cryptic. Most people who are thin do not have a connective tissue disease (marfan syndrome.) there is a formal diagnostic approach for suspected Marfan syndrome, though, and it is worth reading. Here is a link to a helpful site: http://www. Marfan. Org/expectations/diagnosis.

What type of exercise is good for people with Marfan syndrome?

Non-strenguous. Marfan syndrome persons should avoid contact sports. If symptoms are on the moderate to severe side, they can participate in non-contact, non-strenguous activities such as golf, bowling, walking, yoga, or tai-chi. If mild to moderate in severity, they can try non-contact, moderately strenguous activities such as biking or swimming. The national Marfan foundation website is helpful.
Hard to say. Marfan syndrome is associated with aortic root dilation so those that have that should not do heavy resistance / weight lifting. It also is also with easily dislocated joints especially shoulder so some sports say football would not be a good idea. However these thing depend on what each individual expression of the syndrome is so consult with your doctor.