Can you have marfan's syndrome and not have any heart problems?

Yes, but be careful! Marfan syndrome can lead to very dangerous enlargement of the aorta (aneurysm) and leaky heart valves. Patients with Marfan need regular followup with a cardiologist!
Maybe when younger. The connective tissues that help maintain the shape and structure of the aorta and the heart valves weakens over time. Early in the disease, the aorta and valves may be normal in appearance, with heart problems showing up later as the structures deteriorate.

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Can vitamins and minerals help the heart problems brought on with Marfan's syndrome?

No. There are no vitamin or mineral supplements that can help with the heart problems in Marfan syndrome.
Marfan's. Marfan's is a genetic syndrome, vitamins and minerals aren't likely to hurt a patient but won't necessarily make a difference to the marfan's manifestations.

Marfan syndrom? So skinny no heart problems but little bit nearsighted I have no beard im 20 years old, look younger than my age, 59 kg and 184 cm.

Some clues... Some clues for Marfans include arachnodactaly or spider like long fingers, syndactaly or double jointedness, eye lens detachment history, and a long arm span. A mid-systolic murmur on physical exam with mid systolic click might suggest mitral valve prolapse with mitral regurgitation. If any of these are evident it would be worth seeing a doctor for further workup. Marfans usually runs in family.

How does Marfan syndrome affect the heart?

Aorta Dilitation. Marfan's syndrome is a congenital abnormality which can lead to an abnormality in the lining of the aorta or problems with heart valves. The most common abnormality is a dilatation of the ascending aorta which can lead to an aneurysm as well a a backward leak of the aortic valve. An echocardiogram helps make the diagnosis. If the he problem is severe it can be corrected surgically.
Enlarges aortic root. Patients with Marfan syndrome have tendency to develop aortic wall enlargemnt causing mainly aortic root aneurysms. This can lead to aortic valve insufficency and also aortic dissection which is a tear in the wall of the aorta.

Hello im a marfan syndrome patient I wanted to know if my heart is good or not to become a pilot?

Maybe. Having Marfan syndrome by itself does not mean you cannot be a pilot, but having the condition does increase your risk of specific heart and aortic conditions, a few of which could be life-threatening without immediate medical assistance. A cardiologist (heart Doctor) can run some tests to help you determine your risk.

How effective is heart valve repair for treating Marfan syndrome?

Effective. Cardiac surgery is effective for treating the cardiovascular effects of Marfans syndrome but need careful evaluation for proper timing of surgical intervention. Because Marfans is a degenerative tissue disease usually replacement rather than repair is indicated for long term success both in the cardiac and vascular system.

I have no heart problems, I have anxiety and panic syndrome, I have had heartbeat before sleep and only at night, what can be???

Anxiety shows itself. In may ways. Once can mentally obsess over things that frighten the person or do behaviors to keep danger away, e.g., ritual behaviors, checking and re-checking. Physically there can be heart palpitations, shortness of breath, sweating, sleeplessness, etc. Please go to a mental health professional for support if you think you have an anxiety disorder.

I'm having chest pain but my BP and HR are normal. I had broken heart syndrome in 2011 but no other heart problems should I be concerned?

Don't take chances. It's not worth it to take chances, especially after a potentially dangerous condition such as Broken Heart Syndrome (AKA Takotsubo). It's best to call 911 now, if you're still having the pain, you feel dizzy, pass out, or you're short of breath, because this could be a heart attack.