I feel pressure with burning sensation on left side of chest. I have GERD, can this be gerd? Heart burn. I also have cramps on right side chest?

We ALWAYS worry. When we hear" chest pain" we are always worried about heart disease.Yes, your symptoms may be, and probably are, related to your gerd, but i recommend consultation asap.
Could be GERD . But you need treatment. If symptoms resolve with treatment....Great. If not further evaluation is warranted.

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Burning sensation in upper abd. And sometimes chest with certain foods (ie. Tea or tim hortons breakfast wrap). My dr thinks it heart burn. Right?

More than likely. Your doctor is probably correct. Heartburn can be caused by different things for different people. Heartburn is the reflux of caustic gastric juice back up to the esophagus. How far this juice refluxes often determines what symptoms are produced. You can alleviate the pain by watching what you eat and when you eat it. Spend time with your doctor and get answers to all the questions you may have. Read more...

3 weeks on Zoloft (sertraline) generic. Having chest burning pain with heartburn. Went er. Told EKG changed. Did blood test. Doc said heart is fine. I am worried?

See ans. If "chest burning pain with heartburn" started after you began Zoloft (sertraline), (sertraline) this could be some sort of side effect. Discuss lowering dose or alternate med with prescribing doc. If symptoms occurred before Zoloft (sertraline) generic, see your pcp to get checked for medical cause of heartburn. Doctor sent you home from ER reviewing your most recent EKG plus blood work.That's good news. Hope this helps. Read more...