Is there a holistic way to treat depression?

Sure. . This is an excellent option for holistic intervention. So much of treatment of depression is non pharmacological ( therapy, nutrition, exercise, etc. ). . Seek out a practitioner who will work with you on this. But medicine is not one size fits all. if not working don't be afraid to add scientifically proven regimens as well. ( meds, etc) Http://
Yes. One would consider the whole person: nutrition/ physical health, acitivity/exercise, relationships, and spirituality along with the other typical history items covered in a psychiatric evaluation. The treatment would engage the person on as many levels as possible, including finding existing strengths and supports. Psychotherapy would be important, and medication not the first thing applied.
Holistic medicine. There are a number of holistic methods for depression on the market that are readily available for purchase. These have not be proven for use by either the fda, ama, or apa. Be careful when using substances like sam-e, and others, because they may not interact well with your body chemistry and, without a doctor's approval, you could be doing harm to yourself.