What is the best treatment for sore nipples?

Sore nipples. If the sore nipples are not because you are nursing your baby. Please seek consultation from a physician who specializes in the treatment of breasts. In rare cases there could be an infection, or very rare a type of breast cancer. Please don't worry, i'm just giving answers if you are not actively breast feeding. If the other notable physicians remedies don't seem to help. Please reconsult.
Better latch. Often sore nipples come about because of a poor latch. Work on positioning baby correctly and likely the soreness will go away. Talk to a lactation consultant if you are having trouble. Olive oil can also help with sore nipples (and it has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties which doesn't hurt either!).
Lanolin/cocoa butter. Using lanolin or cocoa butter will help with dry nipples. If your baby is only latching onto the nipple, break the seal by putting your finger in their mouth and relatch them on with more breast tissue in their mouth. It helps quite a bit!

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I am a 77 year old female suffering from sore nipples. Cause? Cure? Thanks

Several causes. Might be hormonal more than anything else. For something bad ( cancer) to happen and affect both nipples at the same time would be extremely unlikely. But an elevated prolactin can do this ( many medicines can do this, ie. Meclopropamide), and a low thyroid will also elevate prolactin levels. Finally, if you are using a new detergent for your bra, this might causes some reaction. Read more...