What is the difference between delusion, illusion, and hallucination?

Examples. 1. Watching a tv show but tv is off = hallucination. 2. Watching a tv show and believing it is about you when it is not = delusion. 3. Watching tv and incorrectly believing that a character on the show is a relative = illusion.
Delusion/Hallu. Delusion is false belief. Illusion is misinterpretation of a true sensation. Hallucination is perception of non-existing object or event (false perception).
Stimulus/belief. Hallucination is false perception--illusion is a misperceptions --delusion is a false belief that is not altered by logic.
Stimulus. Hallucination is a false perception while an illusion is a misperceptions of a real stimulus--hearing voices with no stimulus is a hallucination misinterpreting the sound of the radiator as voices is an illusion.
Different . A delusion is something that in theory can happen, but is not very likely an example of this would be a patient who says that Cindy Crawford is in love with them. That's a delusion. An illusion can be thought of in terms of tricks that a magician performs. Hallucinations are defined as stimuli that come from the environment that affect our five senses, but do not exist at all in reality.