Should I go skydiving after spine surgery?

Maybe. It depends a lot on what surgery you have and how badly you want to jump. The problem is in landing can cause a lot of impact on the spine. If you have a healed spine after surgery and it is very stable, it should be ok. However, the more often you put impacts on the spine, the more it will be prone to further problems down the road.
Depends. It depends completely on the nature of the surgery you had performed and how long it was done as well. After some surgeries, patients can ultimately return to all their normal activities. Some spinal surgeries carry life long limitations. This is a question you should definitely ask your surgeon. Thank you for the question.
Depends. If it is done as a minimally invasive procedure or not. The limitations should be discussed with your surgeon as this is dependent on your diagnosis, age, health and conditioning as well as the type of surgery, its extent and the outcome of your surgery.