Could disc pain be solved without lumber spine surgery?

Yes. Strengthening the muscles around the spine to support it is the first step. Time also often allows the pain to decrease. Sometimes an epidural injection may be indicated as well to help nerve associated pain. Also the majority of disc herniations get better over time. A physiatrist is the best person to guide the non-surgical treatments.
In most cases. The vast majority of patients who have disc problems in their back do not need spinal surgery. There are many specialties that excel in getting patients with back problems better without surgery including physical therapy, chiropractic, primary care, and interventional pain management. Thank you for the question.
Yes 90% are . Yes, 90% disc herniations treated non operatively as well as discs that lead to back pain. Weight control, regular exercise, not smoking, good body mechanics, good sleeping habits/good mattress, possibly a back support, eating healthy including vitamin d & calcium, medication, physical therapy, pain management techniques, acupuncture, inversion table, chiropractic & avoiding prolonged positions.