What is the best treatment for mastitis?

Fully empty. Warm compresses or hot showers, massage of the firm area, ensure full emptying of your breasts if you have persistent redness or develop fevers or chills, see your physician.
Meds& feeding. Mastitis is usually caused by staph bacteria so an antibiotic that treats staph is important. Those antibiotics will be compatible with breastfeeding which is important, since frequent nursing on the infected breast is very important for healing. Then, we should figure out how you got the infection so we can prevent it from happening again. Make sure that someone helps you esp. With latching.
Mastatis. Antibiotics. Treating mastitis usually requires a 10- to 14-day course of antibiotics. You may feel well again 24 to 48 hours after starting antibiotics, but it's important to take the entire course of medication to minimize your chance of recurrence. Also remeber to rest and continuing breast-feeding and drinking extra fluids, and importantly, fully empty your breasts during breast-feeding.

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What is the best treatment for granulomastosa mastitis?

It depends. 1. Control of high prolactin levels with medication if present. 2. Control of blood sugar if diabetes mellitus is present. 3. Occasionally immune modulating drugs are used if first 2 issues are managed or not relevant. Read more...