Is ephedrine (ephedrine sulfate) kinda like adderral?

No. Ephedrine is chemically related to amphetamine (adderall), but they are different enough that Ephedrine has little or no benefit with respect to adhd. Both do dry up nasal membranes, though.

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Took 15mg of Adderall and supplemented it with 25 mg of ephedrine (ephedrine sulfate). Will I get the same effect?

No, and you shouldn't. be playing doctor (or pharmacist). Ephedrine (ephedrine sulfate) has been removed from the American market for some time because it has a great potential to increase pulse and blood pressure, and was associated with a number of severe adverse events in patients taking them, as was phenylpropylamine. What you are doing is abuse, and is not helping your ADHD. Discuss with your psychiatrist if you are having problems. Read more...