Will glycolic peels work for hyperpigmentation caused by acne?

Chemical peels work. Chemical peels, including glycolic acid, can be effective in treating the hyperpigmentation from acne. Depending on your skin tone, laser and ipl (intense pulsed light) are effective as well. However it's important that your acne breakouts are under control, otherwise you'll be chasing the problem.

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What chemical peel is best for clearing up many acne marks/hyper-pigmentation on dark skin?

Glycolics are good. Glycolic acid peels are usually gentle enough that you have no real downtime afterward. They are safe for darker skin types and can be great at decreasing the hyperpigmentation that follows inflammation. You will benefit from a series of peels, and they will create a smoother texture, tighter tone, and fresher look for your skin. Read more...