Is there any thing to relieve lumbar spinal stenosis?

Yes. In 15%, it can just get better on its own. Sometimes non op care like medication, exercise, a zero degree lordosis back support or epidural injections can give relief. When indicated surgery can be done via a variety of ways depending on the region and levels involved and if there are any other associated spine problems or underlying medical issues.
Somewhat. There are a multitude of treatments for spinal stenosis which to some extent can "cure" the symptoms of spinal stenosis to variable degrees. For example, an epidural steroid injection can sometimes cure the symptoms of spinal stenosis for a long time, sometimes well over a year at a time. But with any treatment, the symptoms can return, even if surgery is done symptoms can return.
Common problem. Lumbar spinal stenosis is a common problem especially for those older than 50. It can be managed conservatively in many patients for years. If surgery becomes necessary, it can be planned on an elective basis. Check out spine-health.Com.