How can I help allergies?

Agree with see doc. There are also some things you can use otc. First saline rinses can help with the congestion. Secondly, there are several good antihistamines available, like zyrtec, allegra, or claritin (loratadine). If you wish to know what is triggering your allergies or for other treatments, see your physician.
Allergies. Your primary care doc. Can help u find the cause & triggers & treat those.
Identify and avoid. It is important to identify the allergic trigger so that it can be avoided. If avoidance measures are not helpful or unrealistic, then various medications are available for treatment. If symptoms are still not controlled, an allergist can offer allergy shots for environmental allergies which improve symptoms by about 80% in 80% of patients.

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My 7yr old has been coughing a lot and throws up phlegm. How can I help her? No allergies has been tested. Has asthma. Had GERD as baby dr said she outgrew

See below. Coughing and gagging up the mucous is actually good! your child is clearing her throat and lungs and this is protective. If anything, give an expectorant (mucinex) and decongestant (sudafed) and then, sit her up, humidify the air and have the child spit out the mucous. Read more...
Asthma control. The persistence of cough with phlegm may indicated that your daughter's asthma is not under control. Adding an inhaled corticorsteroid or singulair (montelukast) may be appropriate. Gerd could be a factor and a trial of therapy could help. Other considerations would be persistent bacterial bronchitis or pertussis (whooping cough). An evaluation by an allergist would be appropriate. Read more...