Are there any homeopathic or physical therapy treatments for spinal stenosis?

No. There are no real homeopathic treatments for anything. Homeopathy is not medicine. Practitioners have no real medical knowledge. Would you want your MD to practice 214-year-old medicine on you? Because that’s when homeopathy was invented. It's worse than worthless. Join the 21st century. Read “Homeopathy: The Ultimate Fake” at
Look into. Read about Traumeel. This is in no way my endorcement of this product for your condition but it has been helpful in osteoarthritis of the lower extremity joints. In terms of physical therapy, discuss your options with your doctor.
Yes . First, only 15% of stenosis patients have progressive symptoms & 15% improve while the remainder stay the same. Simple treatment includes exercise with the spine in a flexed position such as biking or walking up an incline or rowing. Aquatic workouts can be helpful as can a brace with no lordosis built into it, .
None that work. Traction can help foraminal stenosis but not central canal stenosis tempory relief at best.