Is 37 yrs old too young for a facelift?

Depends. It depends on your aging, skin, facial volume, desires and expectations. See a facial plastic surgeon for an evaluation.
Probably. It is really more about your anatomy and the aging process, but 37 is EXTREMELY young. Unlikely that there is a surgeon that would operate on you at that age, but more importantly would be to set up a consultation to discuss your concerns. I am sure that you will get more good information from a face to face surgeon consult. Good luck.
Facelift. Dear poohtony, it is tough to say without an exam. In general, people in your age group may benefit from a mini lift to tighten the jawline. A consultation would help answer your question more specifically. Best, nima shemirani.
Age for Facelift. If you have sagging skin in the jowl area, neck and jawline than you are probably a candidate for a mini or traditional facelift depending on your exam.
Age for facelift. There is no set age for a facelift. It all depends on your anatomy, how you have aged and what your surgical goals are. Have your face evaluated by a board certified surgeon with expertise in facial rejuvenation to learn the best options for you.
Not a matter of age. indication is more dependent on the anatomy and skin quality of the patient and not on her can be young , smoker or have lost a significant amount of weight and have jowls. Some ladies in their 60's have good skin tone, and no jowls or skin laxity.
37 y/o facelift ?? Yes for most this would be too young. However, I had to perform a revision facelift for someone our age. Look at this for more information -
Maybe. If you have some earlier-than-usual changes of facial aging, it might be appropriate. But, it is an earlier age than most people typically have it. I think my youngest facelift patient was 40.
No. Numerical age has a lot less to do with this decision than physical findings. The youngest facelift patient I have treated was 38 with a very square face, heavy jowls and neck.
It's not about age. 37 is very young for a lift. For almost all of the patients in your age range, facial volumizing using sculptra, fat transfer or other fillers will rejuvenate your face. These techniques have less downtime than a traditional facelift. If you have substantial laxity, an ultherapy treatment will give you some lifting and tightening. Seek consultation w/ a qualified facial plastic surgeon.
Maybe but depends . In general, this is a very young age to perform a facelift, yet on occasion I have performed this on a 35 year old who experienced massive weight loss and facial volume loss. In general, i would now approach this with fillers and save a face lift for later in life.
Depends. If you have jowls, skin excess, and/or cheeks that are descending; then you might be a candidate. I would recommend an in person consultation with a Facial Plastic Specialist.
Age for Lift. I have performed many facelifts on patients in their late 30's. It all comes down to genetics. Some people look much older than their stated age. Sun and cigarette smoking can accelerate the aging process too. I have seen some 50 year old who do not need a lift. Fillers or Kybella can buy some time for some younger patients. Facial liposuction with or without thermi RF are alt procedures .
Not necessarily. Lifts are performed at various ages though older individuals make up the greatest cohort. Your particular needs may be ideally addressed with a lift despite your age. I would recommend a consultation to discuss your concerns and options.
Not if your tissues. are physiologically aged beyond what is typical for that age. Also, the answer depends a bit on precisely what your concern is, e.g. "chipmunk cheeks," a brow that's always been low, deep smokers lines, nasolabial folds that are hereditary, jaw disharmony, etc, etc.
Depends. Depends on the situation. Some people age faster than others, due to genetics, sun damage, other factors. Best option to see a facial plastic surgeon for consultation.
Young Facelift. Since your profile says you are 48, but you are asking about 37, either you had one then and wonder if it was a good idea, or you are asking about a friend. If it was you, then remember that you continue to age after surgery so by now most of the improvements you saw may be gone. If you are asking about a friend, then the only way to know what is best is to refer her to a facial plastic surgeon.
Probably. Most aging issues in your 30's can be addressed with less invasive procedures than a facelift. My experience is that there is usually one predominate concern that needs to be corrected rather a multiple issues. Try and determine what that one concern is: lower eye bags, droopy brow, fullness in neck, etc and seek out a plastic surgeon about that concern.
It's not the age. Facelifts can and are preformed at all ages. Whether it should be done or if it is the correct treatment for ones' problems, is a individual decision with a reputable facial plastic surgeon.